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    07 May 2005 @ 09:18pm

    I got some papers in the post this morning. Legal stuff. One's a copy of Mum's will. Dad said she left me some things. I haven't read it. Her funeral was last week. Dad fire-talked me and told me about it. I could hear my grandparents in the background. I wish they would have shut up. I don't know why they were even there. They never bothered to visit before.

    I see that some of you are still going on about that rhyme thing. Really, you're a great lot of idiots. You didn't even take notice of the most obvious thing mentioned. The Ace of Swords means striking down the unjust and righting wrongs and the Devil generally stands for materialism, secret plans coming to the surface or an amoral person of some sort. I would have thought that the people who borrowed out all those Divination books would have actually bothered to read them.

    There never seems to be a house elf around when you need one.

    mood: exanimate
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    29 Apr 2005 @ 12:12am

    My mum is dead. Draco Malfoy killed my mum. You're all saying how sorry you feel that he's dead. I shouldn't have read what anyone is saying about it but I did and now I feel sick. He murdered my mother and you all feel sorry for him? What the fuck is wrong with you!?

    I hate all of you. Every last one of you. I hate you for pretending that you're sorry and that you care when I know you don't and I hate you for looking at me as though I have some massive deformity whenever I bother to walk somewhere and I hate Dumbledore for making me stay in this prison and not allowing my dad to come see me and not letting me go to my own mother's funeral and expecting me to go to fucking classes and for sending me some stupid fucking letter about it as though it was some oh-by-the-way-your-mother-is-dead-cheers and I hate my stupid fucking housemates for fawning over that Death Eater whore as though she'd throw some money at them for pretending they give a shite and I hate that I have to sleep in the same room with her and I hate everything in this school I don't want to be here anymore with all you fake fucks.

    mood: crushed
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    18 Apr 2005 @ 09:00pm

    Gee, what a lovely little walk that was. If I knew my time was going to be wasted by being triumphantly dragged into an empty room, I would have claimed I was washing my hair and remained in my dormitory. In fact, I think I could have better spent that hour filing my nails with Tracey and discussing the latest beauty potions and which Weird Sister's bum looks better in leather pants.

    mood: the sarcasm. it drips.
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    17 Apr 2005 @ 07:29pm

    I really don't understand why people are whinging about the number of cats in Hogwarts all of a sudden. Aside from causing a mess every now and again, who are they bothering? Well, aside from each other. Bia is still shadowing Pixie, but other than that she's well a behaved kitty. She doesn't hiss at or harass the house elves, follows along without wandering off and causing me to look for her, and she lets me put her jumper on her without a fuss like a good girl when it's cold outside. She's been a bit naughty about being messy with her toys, however, and keeps batting them around everywhere instead of putting them away in her little spot like she normally does. I stepped on one of her fuzzy-ball-on-a-string things and nearly slipped and toppled over the other day. I haven't been able to pay as much attention to her as I normally do, so maybe she's just acting out. That reminds me, I need to owl mum about sending me some more treats for her. She gets pouty after her dinner if she doesn't get at least a few.

    But I digress. Theodore aside, you're all silly for complaining about them.

    Dad's birthday is next month. I have no idea of what to get him as a present.

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    09 Apr 2005 @ 03:06pm

    Things have certainly been busy lately. One of the muggle royalty was killed in an automobile accident, for one, and everyone's going bonkers and crying "assassination!", and there was some sort of "light show," as they put it, over Cork a few days back. The muggle explanation of it being from a swarm of insects and an aircraft is laughable. Are they really so stupid that they believe that rot? There must have been some sort of wizard fight. Some offensive spells have visible light to them, as we all know. I would wonder what it's all about, but I doubt the ministry would share anything about that even if they did discover something.

    I'm hoping that I'll be able to see the Weird Sisters after school is out. I'm not sure what their tour schedule is, and the date of their ticket sales are yet to be announced, but that information should be released soon enough. This tour ought to be really wicked. Hopefully they'll stop through Kent or somewhere close to it so I won't have to apparate too far.

    I've been in a rather crappy mood lately. Obviously, it's partially because of the stupid Gryffindors, but it's not entirely that. Have you ever found yourself in a bad mood one day and you just sort of stayed stuck there for months on end without ever realising you're stuck, and when you do realise it, you just sort of get pissed off more? Yeah, it's sort of like that. Not like it's the first time this has happened, but still, it rather sucks. Plus I think I need to ask Pomfrey for a better sleeping potion. This one doesn't seem to work so well anymore. I keep waking up every few hours. That sucks too.

    Bia keeps stalking Pixie for the simple sake of unnerving her. I think she's become bored and developed a death wish. I really hope Pixie doesn't start leaving her "presents" on my bed because of this.

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    02 Apr 2005 @ 09:19am

    Anyone who is surprised by what happened shouldn't be. Dumbledore's fun was just begging for something like this to happen, though I would have preferred that it didn't involve me getting punched in the middle of breakfast. My face is still throbbing. I hope that stupid runt gets a scar.

    I apologise to my housemates for the loss of points. It was not my intent to set us back. I will recover them.

    mood: aggravated
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    29 Mar 2005 @ 03:15pm

    Although it's still unfortunate that we had to spend the holiday at school, I actually didn't mind it so much. I got to attend to some books that I had been eager to finish reading, and I caught up on my schoolwork, so I'll have a bit of a break this week when it comes to studying.

    Oh, and before I forget -- Millicent, do you remember that thing we talked about not long ago? I found a book on it! Well, not an entire book. It's a medi-witch text, but it has the spell we were wondering about and a few others that look like they would be useful too. Want to have a look? I also brought another book with me that you might find interesting as well. It's about your favourite thing.

    Mum owled me an Easter basket. I keep telling her that I've been too old for these things for years now, but she likes holidays so I might as well indulge her. I like the pepper imps, but I have the feeling she just grabbed up random things at the sweets shop because there are a few acid and blood lollies in here. There is still plenty left, so if anyone wants something in the basket you may feel free to help yourself, but touch my exploding bon bons or chocolate and die.

    mood: mellow
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    23 Mar 2005 @ 03:39pm

    I had stopped reading the papers ages ago because there was really no point, but I keep hearing mention of Hogwarts making yesterday's edition and so I had a look. I think it strange that a murdered body showing up at a school got such a small, insignificant mention. If something like that is so dismissively stuck in there, it makes me wonder what else has been happening. I almost don't think I want to know.

    I received a letter from my mum at lunch today that's made me a bit concerned. Dad's shop is taking something of a downturn at the moment, for one. She said it's nothing to worry about, that these things have high and low points and people just don't feel like spending their money that way at the moment, but still, the fact that she mentioned it at all worries me some. She's not the type to raise an issue unless there's something to it. On top of that, she's gone back to that bloody job of hers. She assures me that they need her and all that rot, but I still don't like it. It's stupid.

    I haven't felt so well these past few days. I think it's because I'm tired or something like that. Maybe I should try for a quick nap before my project session tonight.

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    17 Mar 2005 @ 03:23am

    I can't sleep. No one can sleep. Well, a few people are asleep, but I see a lot of students sitting up because they just gave up. No one is allowed to talk or even whisper because people are supposed to be sleeping. I don't know how they can expect us to sleep with this going on. They're outside looking for a murderer and we're expected to sleep. It's too quiet. My typing sounds loud.

    There is a dead body. A headless, beaten to mush dead body. This shouldn't be happening. If the school is as safe as they want us to believe it is then there woudldn't be one, but there is, and I don't know what they did with it but I don't want to know. I don't want to be here. I want to be home. There aren't dead bodies at home. There's just Bia and my mum and my dad and my room and my books and my music and nothing happens, it's just quiet, and people don't lie to me and tell me everything's all right when it's not.

    The floor is really hard. I want my bed back.

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    12 Mar 2005 @ 08:04am

    Oh, hell, it's just a bruise. Everyone can stop staring now, thanks. And no, no one bloody punched me, I tripped on a tree root outside yesterday and my face had an unfortunate encounter with a rather thick fallen branch. I know, I should have seen Pomfrey about it then, but I wasn't bleeding and I had better things to do than have her fuss over and prod at me, like working on my assignments. Someday, I will learn to put my hands in front of me when I fall instead of flailing them about for balance. At least it's only a relatively mild case. I'll stop by the infirmary to get it mended in a bit.

    This week has been rather...off. First the stupid prank on Sunday, then having to deal with the aftermath - it's just made people act rather out of sorts, I think. At least most people seem to be back to normal now.

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